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Tattoo of Children


by GiErre »
2015, Oct 22nd
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This armband tattoo was prepared for Davide to integrate a small lizard he had on his forearm.

It includes the names of his children, turned to be always visible and protected by two tiki on the sides, with a manta on the left (freedom, beauty and wisdom) and a shark on the right (strength and adaptability).
On the inside on the manta there is a traditional lizard (luck and health) and next to the shark there´s a sea shell symbolizing intimacy, love and safe shelter.
Waves symbolize the sea and changes.

Next to the name Diego, the path of Kamehameha symbolizes a difficult path that leads to happiness and success in the end.
The warrior below the name symbolizes the ability to face all difficulties without ever giving up while chasing birds symbolize help granted to the loved ones.

Next to the name Sara, ipu and koru symbolize femininity and fertility while flowers are for femininity, beauty and living life fully (the hibiscus).

Next to Danilo, mountains represent stability while the sea urchin where the D starts symbolizes the treasure hidden inside, being tender under an apparently tough skin.

Fish and fish hooks are a wish for prosperity while the suns symbolize positivity and joy.

The Marquesan cross on top represents union of the elements and balance and it is a wish for serenity.

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finally the book to understand and create Polynesian tattoos!

I love it! TattooTribes rules as usual!! - Vishal, Kolkata

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