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Triptych tattoo photo
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Hammerhead shark

December 2nd, 2015
  Author: GiErre

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This tattoo is part of a triptych, a series of three tattoos requested by Francesco to symbolize a path, both real on is skin and ideal, from earth to sky.

This hammerhead shark for the hips insists on the idea of strength (the spear heads) which helped Francesco overcoming any difficulty (the moray eel in the tail and the path of Kamehameha along the body, representing a path full of challenges finally leading to glory).

The hands of tiki on the fins are symbols of protection and the two chasing birds symbolize help to the loved ones.
Octopus tentacles and shark teeth inside the head symbolize adaptability and intelligence, tenacity and determination to reach to success (the sun made of shark teeth in the head).

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triptych hammerhead shark manta ray turtle sun path of kamehameha tiki shark teeth moray eel path life success tenacity determination adaptability Francesco

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