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Family warrior tattoo photo
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Family warrior

June 3rd, 2016
  Author: GiErre

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The main elements of this tattoo requested by Lance are the turtle (family) and the warrior (in the lower part of the shell).

In the middle of the shell the initials of his children, R+G+R, were inserted as maorigrams and protected between the warrior and the couple symbol (with a sun for joy and eternity), surrounded by braids (family union).

The back flippers are stylized ani ata symbolizing the ancestors at the base of the family.
The left front flipper includes spear heads and a lizard (strength, protection and good luck) while the right one includes waves and two chasing birds (support to the dear ones and travelling by sea and air).

An octopus tentacle shows tenacity and adaptability while mountains are for stability.

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turtle warrior maorigram couple lizard sun spearheads spears waves birds ani ata family protection travels voyages joy eternity ancestors support Lance

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