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Tattoo of Hapori

Kinship, community

by GiErre »
2016, Jun 22nd
HI-RES [jpg]


This short sleeve and pec tattoo requested by Maxime is dedicated to his family.

The theme of family is pervasive throughout the whole tattoo, given its importance: we used a big turtle in the center of the shoulder, flax leaves inside of the hammerhead shark and ani ata on the pec (the ancestors surrounding and protecting the members of the family represented by the maorigrammed letters M,A,M,K).

The braid and flax leaves are for family union; the shell also incorporates a Marquesan cross inside of a sun (family gives joy and harmony, balance).
The enata below the turtle represent the extended family supporting Maxime´s.
The twist below the turtle symbolizes eternal union, people who will always be together, no matter what. Even if separated at times, they´ll always get back together.
The braid that shapes the shell of the turtle extends the twist into a triple twist, which symbolizes the meeting of different cultures. The four spots symbolizing importance, the fixed stars, included in the twist, represent the four members of the family.
The two tiki on the front flippers protect them from all sides and the manaia is a guardian angel.

The hammerhead shark symbolizes tenacity and it has an all-seeing eye for protection from all evil.

The manta on the back of the shoulder is a symbol for voyage and freedom with two koru symbolizing the two children who brought a new sun to the family. Shark teeth are for adaptability, tenacity and protection.

Birds are for voyages and watching the world from a higher perspective (the two things are often related in fact) and fish are for prosperity.
The rows of spear heads help facing any adversity (the path of Kamehameha) and protecting the family members: they enclose elements representing them, like the flower of hibiscus for beauty, relaxed attitude and inspiration, frangipani for femininity and safe shelter, waves for change and creativity, whiile stepping stones are for lessons learnt and knowledge.

The lizard and gecko on the pec bring health and good luck to this union (the double spiral shaped by the tails) while fish hooks and coconut leaves are for prosperity.


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That´s a great idea and the book looks fab. I wish there were more animal outlines though... - TatFan, Denver

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