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Awe tattoo photo
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Feather, force

September 2nd, 2016
  Author: GiErre

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This tattoo requested by Veronica is shaped after a feather, as a symbol of freedom, lightness and optimism.

At the bottom, a turtle shell motif recalls family, with a plumeria flower representing femininity and protection.
The manta symbolizes freedom and harmony (the Marquesan cross) and the nearby fish hook is for prosperity, while the stylized hammerhead shark on top left symbolizes tenacity and determination and it has its body made from an octopus tentacle for tenacity and intelligence.

The birds on top symbolize the voyage that leads to watching the world from a higher perspective, side by side with a stylized fern frond symbolizing maturity, a new vision.

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feather manta hammerhead shark turtle birds flower plumeria rebirth optimism lightness levity freedom family femininity Veronica

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