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California tattoo photo
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September 21st, 2016
  Author: GiErre

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Stefano periodically goes to California, land that has a special place in his heart and which gave the shape to this tattoo.

Inside of the shape of California we placed a flower of hibiscus, symbolizing beauty, carpe diem and the relaxed way of living typical of the islands and of the surf culture, surrounded by a sun made of mountains to symbolize the sun, joy and stability.

A row of birds develops upwards to symbolize voyage and it reaches a second sun with a Marquesan cross inside, representing serenity and balance at the end of the voyage.

A koru shaped wave at mid path symbolizes change and rebirth, new life.

Fish are a symbol of prosperity and shark teeth of adaptability.
Spear heads at the beginning of the voyage represent the warrior.

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California flower of hibiscus sun birds koru waves shark teeth warrior marquesan cross voyage fresh start new life carpe diem beauty surf balance joy harmony

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