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Union tattoo photo
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November 2nd, 2016
  Author: GiErre

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This tattoo requested by Ruggero symbolizes the union with his family and the sea.

Flax leaves represent family, with two enata above symbolizing him and his wife.
Shark teeth make a sun around them as a symbol of eternity and joy.

In the back, two tiki hands are for protection and we placed the initials of his parents nearby, guarding upon the family.

Above, waves follow the ankle and end with mountains.

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familt and sea flax leaves enata maorigrams waves sun union protection parents eternity joy Ruggero

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 I am from the flathead tribe,but basically am Cree Indian. I love tribal tattoos and have at least 16 tattoos. Full back is of buffalo head. Tomahawk, peace pipe,end of trail,eagle on whole chest and many more. Next is saber tooth mountain lion on neck. Yes it’s addictive.  
  by Dano McLeod
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