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Life journey tattoo photo
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Life journey

June 29th, 2017
  Author: GiErre

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We prepared this half sleeve tattoo for Paul to integrate a Maori styled manta he had on his pec.

This tattoo blends Maori and Tahitian styles to tell Paul´s story, where waves take the scene together with the turtle representing family, with symbols for unity, protection, support and love.
Two kinds of enata represent relatives and friends, always present.

Other elements are a lizard for good luck, a hammerhead shark with spear heads for tenacity and the warrior, two tiki on the sides for protection.

The waves moving in favour of the turtle represent changes and growth while the sun made of mountains around the top symbolizes success and stability.

Winged unicorn tshirtWinged unicorn tshirtUnicorn pegasus by TattooTribes
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half sleeve waves turtle manta hammerhead shark enata lizard tiki ocean maorigrams family protection good luck tenacity voyage union freedom success

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