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Musical dragonfly tattoo photo
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Musical dragonfly
Magic and transformation

September 26th, 2008
  Author: GiErre

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Dragonflies, like butterflies, are a symbol of transformation: during the first years of their life they live in water and they are called nymphs, and later on they turn into adults and populate the sky, still keeping close to water though, which they never leave completely. That´s why dragonflies give power over sky and water.

Also, their multicoloured wings remind us that the world can be full of magic if we look at it the right way.

This dragonfly made of musical notes was requested by Asha, and it represents the beauty of music and its power to transform the world.

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dragonfly butterfly music notes treble clef bass clef magic transformation Asha

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 Love it! 
  by lamaudite
 love music like dragonflies.. perfect! 
  by maybeimtheone
 Simply marvellous. Loving it! 
  by Efem
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