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Ocean manta tattoo photo
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Ocean manta

July 7th, 2022
  Author: GiErre

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This Polynesian sleeve tattoo wrapping all around the lower leg was prepared for Philipp and it is designed to extend and integrate a manta tattoo that we had previously designed for his calf (this one).

The oceanic and diving elements keep representing the overall theme of the tattoo, with a shark, a turtle, a scuba diver, and a voyaging canoe being added to the manta.

The stepping stones at the base represent the things learnt, which he teaches on to the people he takes on his dives (the path to knowledge that underlies the rows of people at the base).
The black areas representing the po (darkness) were added to symbolize the deep waters he takes them to, where he shows them the treasures of the oceans (the rows of fish above the people, and the other marine animals).

A lo kahi appears on top for the importance of balance with nature, the birds net is a symbol of prosperity and community, while the two tiki and the all-seeing eye on the back are for protection (also brought in water by the shark teeth).

The braid is symbolic of union and the flax leaves with mountains and waves around them represent the importance of his two "families", the real one on land and the bigger one under water.

The rows of spearheads and octopus tentacles going up along the front symbolize strength, adaptability, and courage, the sun is for joy, and pandanus leaves are for prosperity.

The colored image below helps identifying each element within the tattoo:
Polynesian lower leg sleeve ocean tattoo

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lower leg scuba diver turtle shark canoe ocean tiki sun net birds knowledge teaching strength protection adaptability family unity balance nature prosperity Philipp

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