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Tattoo of Navigators

Polynesian & Norse

by GiErre »
2022, Sep 8th
HI-RES [jpg]


Vikings and Polynesians were among the greatest navigators of all times, crossing oceans without the aid of modern technology, and with this lower leg sleeve tattoo that mixes Polynesian and Norse styles Tom wanted to honor them, also including elements that relate to his own life.

We placed Mjolnir on top of the shin for protection, with an endless pattern of ropes within its shape.
On its two sides appear the prow of a Polynesian canoe and of a Viking´s drakkar. Both the taniwha on the canoe and the dragon on the drakkar have their tongue outstretched as a symbol of defiance, with spearheads above as a warrior symbol (a historical fact: both people really carved their prows with outstretched tongues).

A wave in Polynesian style below the canoe and a Norse spiral mirroring it like a wave below the drakkar are joined by a manta for freedom.
A Valknut (also known as Odin´s knot), and a stylized boa constrictor mirror each other as well and relate to Tom´s roots.

The sacred tree Yggdrasil is on the calf, designed with endless knots in Norse style.
The roots of the tree shape a Cancer sign while an octagon is central within the branches, with 5 rings connecting and giving strength to the central one.
The top of the tree is made of flax leaves for family unity, like the braid on the foot, while the row of birds is for adventure, exploration and voyage, and the star for direction.

The colored image below helps identifying the indivudual elements within the tattoo:
Polynesian Viking lower leg sleeve tattoo


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