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Meaghan - Passe-partout tattoo photo
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Meaghan - Passe-partout

  March 11th, 2011

Inspired by Passe-partout (The key to happyness):

Passe-partout tattoo

This tattoo of a manaia (guardian spirit, symbol of harmony and union of the elements) was requested by Meaghan and it symbolizes how the sea and its creatures represent the key to happyness to her.

We placed a turtleon top, symbolizing the navigator and family, held by two seahorses and with an ipu on the shell (femininity, fertility); just below them, a bird symbolizes ...

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manaia turtle seahorse hyppocampus ocean sea bird seagull twist manta koru protection freedom love union patience tenacity adaptability new start happyness elegance aumakua Meaghan

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