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Geert - Whakawawao tattoo photo
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Geert - Whakawawao

  May 13th, 2019

Inspired by Whakawawao (Defending):

Whakawawao tattoo

This tattoo represents Geert, who requested it, his life and his passions.

The row of spear heads crossing it symbolizes the warrior who fights adversities (the path of Kamehameha and the moray eel) towards the future, protected by a tiki, a lizard and a manaia.

The left part of the armband is designed to recall the flag of Bonaire: waves shape the diagonal lines, enclosing the sun with 4 longer rays designed to recall a compass ...

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turtle tiki manaia lizard spearheads path of kamehameha moray eel sun waves manta octopus hammerhead shark family ocean water scuba diving health wealth freedom balance union

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