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Janka - Mawe tattoo photo
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Janka - Mawe

  October 11th, 2015

Inspired by Mawe (Talisman):

Mawe tattoo

This design shaped like a manta (freedom, protection) for the upper back was requested by Paul as a talisman of strength and protection for himself and for his daughter whose name, Nati, has been placed in the center of this piece as a maorigram.

The central part of the manta ray includes a turtle, symbolizing family and long life, with the shell made of a tiki (protection and fertility) surrounded by a sun (eternity and joy). Below the name, the two birds following each other symbolize how Paul will always be there to help is daughter, and the stylized hand right below is to indicate he will ...

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mawe talisman manta ray turtle tiki sun manaia dolphin gecko marquesan cross fish hook spear heads hammerhead shark bird protection family freedom love help strength determination Paul

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