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Tattoos for real cars and RC models

Would you like to personalize your car with tattoos? Here you can find vectorial images which can be endlessly enlarged, or pdf files if you prefer, you can use for printing your stickers. You just have to download them and give them to a shop that prints stickers, and that´s all... in case you prefer to do it all online, a webservice that delivers them in 48 hours is, in Italy, which accepts cash on delivery, bank remittance and credit card payments as well.

Used reverted, as stencils, they are great as a basis for your RC models and for airbrush works.

Looking for a specific design not available in our tattoo area? Try our request section!

Unchain your fantasy!

Flames tattoo for cars
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Car dragon
» PDF «
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Tribal - tribale 02
Tribal 02
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Tribal - tribale 03
Tribal 03
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Tribal - tribale 01
Tribal 01
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finally the book to understand and create Polynesian tattoos!

I have purchased other books, this one takes the cake! Highly recommend it - Colleen Redding

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