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tattoo lottery

Do you want your own custom tattoo? Tell us!

Listen!You can ask for a free quote or try our TATTOO TRIBES LOTTERY below:
the first Sunday of every month we randomly pick three requests among the ones we received and we prepare them for free within a few weeks!
In case your request is not among the lucky ones, you can send it again whenever you wish to any of our following lotteries... there´s one single limit to give anyone the same chances:
do not post more than one request per each lottery, or the system will cancel them!
Good Luck!

Requests completed to date: 1855

NEXT LOTTERY in  10  days, on JUNE 5th, 2022

Total requests in this lottery: 233

Winners from our last lottery on May 8th:
Polynesian armband [by Abel]
Coupled turtles [by Cindy]
Scorpion with name and letters [by Oksana]

Estimated preparation time: 5 weeks

I have purchased other books, this one takes the cake! Highly recommend it - Colleen Redding

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