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Sisters tattoo photo
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In memory

July 8th, 2015
  Author: GiErre

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This armband tattoo was requested by Alessandra to remember her sister and the bond they always shared (the two connected enata).

The two mantas symbolize freedom and recall the sea, a passion they both had, and they include their initials A and C on their inside.

Whilst a moray eel stays connected to earth (the koru symbolizes life and new beginning), the bigger one flies towards the sun, past the waves
The symbol of aquarius inside it was designed to recall two chasing birds (help to the dear ones) and the sea shell is a symbol of love and safe shelter.

Shark teeth are laid out to recall waves and they symbolize adaptability.

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sisters manta rays enata sun lettering waves aquarius birds sea shell koru sisterhood bond in memory love help safe shelter new beginning life Alessandra

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