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Whanautanga hou tattoo photo
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Whanautanga hou

April 21st, 2016
  Author: GiErre

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From bottom to top, this tattoo requested by Barbara draws the path that takes her from a hard moment (the moray eel next to an enata) to find a new balance.

The tiki at the bottom, with a maorigrammed M nearby, protects this path.

The main part symbolizes her life, with good moments all along the way (the flowers of frangipani) leading to a rebirth (the koru shape, the spiral on top) and to happyness (the flower of hibiscus).

Birds represent this voyage that takes her watching everything from a higher perspective while a lizard inside the koru symbolizes good luck and protects this new path.

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koru spiral tiki lizard flowers of hibiscus frangipani tiki enata path rebirth happyness beauty balance protection Barbara

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 GRAZIE. Lo adoro. Sei fantastico. 
  by Barbara
 Really nice!!! 
  by Claudie
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