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Hono - Three is one
Union, bond

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This design was requested by Marika, and it represents the bond shared by three sisters who passed through happy and hard times, always together even if far away, overcoming every adversity. The three central lotus flowers represent the three sisters, who remained bound through the hard times, like a braid, which is stronger than the single threads it´s made of. Lotus flowers symbolize overcoming adversities, with strength and determination (shark teeth) and the sun is for the stability they reached. The manta ray symbolizes conquered freedom and the turtle surrounding the sun is family.

The front fins of the turtle are tikis protecting their union, and other symbols are: waves (continuity in change), dolphin (joy and friendship), seahorse (calm and tenacity), korus (new start), twists (eternal bond), fish hooks and lizard (as a wish for life-long abundance and wealth).

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