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This armband was requested by Kevin to symbolize a new beginning to honour the birth of his son, whose headletter R is on the turtle shell (family).

The koru inside the sun on the shell represents this new start that brings joy to the family, the hammerhead shark stands for determination and strength, the lizard is good luck and life, and the manaia is the protective angel that will look upon the family.

Tikis on the shark´s head protect the family from every side.

The bonito tail and spearheads motif symbolize wealth (the fish hook as well) and the warrior (strength and protector), and the general wavy shape symbolizes flowing water and change.

The Marquesan cross symbolizes harmony and balance of nature´s elements.

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attachment icon[jpg] Awa - Family new son tattoo flash
attachment icon[jpg] Awa - Family new son tattoo stencil

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