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Filipino sun turtle
Family, beliefs

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This design was requested by Jason.

The main elements are the sun from the Filipino flag and the turtle, to symbolize his origins and family. The sun has some longer rays to recall a Christian cross, as a symbol of his beliefs.

We inserted in the vertical rays a twist and a triple twist, to symbolize the love and eternal bond he shares with his wife, and the union of their different cultures.

In the lower part rays also end in the shape of two fish hooks, symbols of status and prosperity.

In the center of the sun the head of the turtle symbolizes family, the ipu is for fertility and waves represent the neverending changes that life brings.

The two human figures below represent Jason´s wife and daughter, whose initials also appear right below, whilst the two birds on the other side symbolize the will not to let them lack anything, and to be always ready to help them; shark teeth below them symbolize adaptability and strength.

The braids motifs below represent union and family and the spearheads underlying the edge symbolize protection and strength.

The motifs on the turtle´s flippers represent determination and new start.

High on top, over the turtle shell motif (the traveller), enclosing the sun symbol (positivity and joy), the manta symbolizes freedom and protection.

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