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Erin & Emily
Family, protection
Irving requested this forearm design where the name of his daughters in classic swirly scripting integrate into a Maori styled design.

Orcas symbolize family and protection: they build strong relationship bonds and form very close family groups. They are also powerful animals, swift and lethal, and are thus strong protection symbols too.

In this design two orcas enclose his daughters names in a circle to symbolize protection over them, and the hammerhead in the middle represents Irving, always there to protect them with determination and strength, forming with them a united family.

This is also represented by the turtle (family), whose shell is made by a twist (a symbol of eternal bond of love) enclosing a koru that represents new life and descent; the stylized manta represents freedom and beauty.

The paired tikis guard on them all and have fish hooks incorporated as a wish for prosperity and abundance.

Shark teeth are symbols of strength, adaptability and protection.

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