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Composite shark
Water, protection
Jozef works on the sea as ROV Pilot, so his tattoo deals a lot with water. He asked for a design that would mix elements from different cultures and styles: Maori, Aztec, tribal...

It is shaped like a shark, which is a symbol of adaptability, strength and protection on the sea.

Slovak and Jordanian elements were added to represent his roots: the double armed cross hanging on the mermaid´s neck and the lion with double tail being the left fin of the shark are from the coat of arms of Czechoslovakia; the crown, the palm leaf and wheat in the mermaid´s hand are from the coat of arms of Jordan.

The sun-moon usually represents impossible that becomes possible, and the union of day and night, darkness and light; the rays are shaped like the beard of an old man.

The manta symbolizes freedom and elegance, protection over water, and the turtle on its inside represents the navigator and family; the hunab ku is associated to the sun and symbolizes life and balance, much like the yin yang symbol.

As a homage to his zodiac signs, an armband with the symbol of sagittarius is wrapped around the mermaid´s left arm and dog paws for his Chinese zodiac are on the shark tail.

The shark tail itself is shared by the mermaid and partly made by the tail of a stylized phoenix (eternity and rebirth).

Waves are all around in different styles on account of the strong relation that Jozef has with water, and the mermaid is a symbol of charm and sensuality, and of water of course.

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