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Balance, harmony
This design was requested by Zep to remember the time spent in Maui where he got married, the feeling of harmony they felt, the sunsets and the turtles that swam on their side.

That´s why the turtle has a central place in the design, along with the sun.

We added flax leaves which symbolize family to signify their union and to represent earth whilst the turtle, representing the sea, has been incorporated into a bird representing the sky. The Marquesan cross on the turtle´s shell enforces the symbolism of the union of the elements and of balance among earth, sky and sea (the tips of the wings are made of waves to recall change, and the sea).

The turtle´s front flippers are made of a twist (eternal love and bond) and of a fish hook (prosperity) as wishes for goodness to their wedding.

The koru on the shell represents a new beginning, a new life, and the back flippers becoming the bird´s tail are tiki´s hands (protection symbols). Their three fingers represent balance of sky, earth and sea.

The sun symbolizes eternity and joy, and the shark teeth it´s made of are symbols of adaptability and strength.

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