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The sun in the middle represents positivity, joy and eternity, and the tiki on the inside is a symbol of protection (like the sun and the snake, the tiki is a symbol of fertility too).

The scorpion and the snake overlap the sun to inherit its characteristics, and the manaia between them (a guardian angel) symbolizes protection and harmony, union of the elements.

The scorpion protects a koru between its claws, a symbol of new life (the scorpion also symbolizes love and healing).

A manta below them represents freedom and includes the number 8.

The rows of spear heads represent the warrior and symbolizes courage and strength.

Many of the main elements (scorpion, snake, manaia) were formed using the waves motif (also running parallel to the spear heads) to symbolize change and the close relation between the sea and Tommaso, who requested this tattoo.

The shark teeth around the sun represent strength and adaptability.

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