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Lotus flower
Love for the others
This design represents love for the others as the main vital force of life.

The central petals of the flower are made of two human figures that, together, hold the Marquesan cross (harmony and balance) as the focal point of the tattoo.

The blank spaces inside the two figures are shaped to resemble sea shells, which are symbols of love and safe shelter.

The left bigger petal is formed by a hammerhead shark with the tail being the point of the petal, and a dot inside the head symbolizing its importance (determination, tenacity and strength).

The right petal is shaped like a manaia (the guardian angel, symbolizing protection and union of the elements).

The stem starts at the bottom with spear heads (the warrior, courage and strength) to symbolize how these qualities are important to defeat adversities (the moray eel) turning problems into opportunities, with strength and adaptability (shark teeth) to be reborn again both spiritually (the koru blooming upwards) and materially (the second koru blooming downwards). The waves in the stem represent changes, and continuity through change.

Requested by Michela.

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