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In the middle of this wristband, to indicate its importance, we placed a sun (eternity, joy and positivity) with a flower of hibiscus on the inside, to symbolize love and beauty, the relaxed lifestyle of the islands and their sweetness.

On its sides there are a lizard and a gecko as a wish for good luck and health, and two tikis at the edges, forming a single frontal tiki when meeting, for protection from all sides.

Next to the left tiki a manta symbolizes freedom and beauty, and next to the right tiki there are the letters TZN vertically positioned, shaped to form a treble clef symbolizing music. In the lower corner, next to the letters, waves indicate change and represent how music will always be present in the life of Debora, who requested this wrist band, even if everything else will change.

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attachment icon[jpg] TZN - wristband tattoo flash
attachment icon[jpg] TZN - wristband tattoo stencil

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