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Coupled mantas
Married, wed

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David requested this couple of mantas for himself and for his wife, to symbolize their union and their individuality through small differences, the main one being the presence of a lizard in his design (good luck, powers, communication) which is replaced by a cat in hers (flexibility, mistery).

The manta symbolizes freedom, protection and elegance, here with the tail made of a row of spear heads (strength, the warrior); the fish hook symbolizes prosperity, the sun is for positivity and eternity, energy. Inside the sun, inheriting its characteristics, there is a traditional symbol representing marriage, spouse and bride. The rays are made of mountains (stability) and shark teeth (adaptability).

Waves are for change and korus for the new life together, with a tiki hand for protection.

A stylized hammerhead shark motif near the tail represents determination and tenacity.

The two chasing birds represent David and his wife, and they symbolize they´ll always be there to help each other..

Here´s an alternative with Mesoamerican influences:

Polynesian-Aztec mantaPolynesian-Aztec cat

High-resolution version:
attachment icon[jpg] Married - Coupled mantas tattoo flash
attachment icon[jpg] Married - Coupled mantas tattoo stencil
attachment icon[jpg] Mesoamerican-Polynesian manta tattoo
attachment icon[jpg] Mesoamerican-Polynesian cat tattoo

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