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Fabrizio requested this design for an Oceanic styled armband tattoo featuring some specific elements: a bull, which we placed centrally surrounded by a sun as a symbol of eternity and positivity, joy.

On the left of the bull there are a manta, mountains (going along the right side too) and a row of spear heads (the warrior, valiance and strength).

On the right we placed a hammerhead shark (tenacity and determination), a gecko (health and communication to the gods), a fish hook (prosperity and status) and two birds following each other (he will always be there to help his dear ones when help is needed).

The band that divides the design diagonally includes two maorigrams, placed on the right and left of the bull.

Closing the tattoo on both sides, meeting around the arm, there are two tikis (protection and fertility).

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attachment icon[jpg] Bull armband tattoo stencil

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