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Fullfillment of goals
Rufat requested this design covering the right shoulder from front to back with some specific symbols included, like the Buta from Persian and Indian traditions, presently also known as Paisley motif, used as an auspicious symbol and for the fullfillment of one´s goals.

The general shape ot this mostly traditional styled tattoo recalls that of a stylized manta, which symbolizes freedom, protection and wisdom.

In the center we positioned a shark (adaptability, strength, guidance), and the motifs over its head, on top of the manta, traditionally represent the hammerhead shark (determination, tenacity).

The tail is made of spear heads to represent the fighter, courage. The tikis on both sides protect him from every direction, with a fish hook over the left tiki for prosperity.

On the right, inside a buta shape, protected by the tiki, the sun is made of a turtle shell motif to represent his family (a koru representing his son is right in the middle). The sun stands for eternity and joy, and represents his union with his son.

On the left, inside another buta shape, there is a stylized traditional lizard for good luck. The elements looking like E surrounding the buta recall the decorations of the buta itself and symbolize protection (they´re tiki hands).

The korus along the sides of the shark represent the new beginnings along a new path, brought by changes (the waves) started with the courage of a warrior and pursued with determination, strength, and adaptability until prosperity is reached.

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attachment icon[jpg] Buta - traditional manta tattoo flash
attachment icon[jpg] Buta - traditional manta tattoo stencil

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