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Sea urchin

The turtle represents the main element of this forearm tattoo, with a lizard on one side to bring her good luck and ancestors on the other side to support her.

Inside the turtle (family) we placed the sea urchin that represents the character of Valeriano, who requested this design, with the turtle´s head shaped by a mere, a short club used by chiefs, symbolizing he is guided by values like honesty, courage and loyalty.

The two birds chasing each other inside the turtle shell symbolize how family members will never remain helpless, always helping each other, whilst the motifs along the edge symbolize their union (the braid) and adaptability and strength (shark teeth).

The front flippers are made of tikis to protect the family from all sides and the back flippers are shaped by sea shells to represent family as the safe shelter, the place where intimacy and love are found.

Ancestors support the path of the turtle towards stability (mountains), prosperity (fish hook and fish), serenity (the sun made of shark teeth) and balance (the Marquesan cross), giving her strength (spear heads) against all hardships (opposing waves on top and moray eel at the bottom).
They follow the turtle along the whole tattoo to symbolize how ancestors are our past, but our future too, through our own actions.

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