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Neverending bond
Family union

This design was requested by Eduarda to symbolize the union and eternal bond between her, her 2 sisters and a cousin.

We used three lotus flowers as suggested by Eduarda to represent the 3 sisters who will face and overcome all difficulties together, intertwined one with the other to represent their union and with spirals and waves to symbolize they´ll always be there to help each other through every change (this is also represented by the two chasing birds).

The koru below represents their little cousin whilst the sun above symbolizes how the sun will always shine where there´s family (the turtle shell motif inside of the sun).

The three lotus flowers are all very similar but each of them has different details to symbolize how the 3 sisters themselves are very similar but with some traits specific to each of them.

We also prepared a stylized version which can be found here: Family union

High-resolution version:
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