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Be prosperous, at peace

This tattoo recalls the shape of a manta on account of the associated symbolism: freedom, beauty and harmony.

We added the profiles of the heads of a sheltie and of a cat (they are looking to the right) because they are important for Joanne, who requested this design. The turtle represents family (the shell is made of braid, which symbolizes union) and has the symbol of marriage next to it to symbolize her union with her husband.

To represent the sea and its creatures a shark is on the left wing, a dolphin makes the sheltie´s hair and a fish is next to them.
The dolphin itself represents joy, playfulness and positivity

The Marquesan cross in the middle symbolizes balance of the elements and harmony. The sun parts near the turtle represent joy and stability (the mountains), symbolizing happyness too.

Birds represent freedom, travels and help to the dear ones.

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