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Family and friends

This armband tattoo about the importance of family and friends was requested by Stefan.

The two tikis protect family and friends from every side, with family being represented by the flax leaf placed in the center to underline its importance; it is surrounded and supported by friends, with ancestors watching on it from above (the motif over the leaves creating a circular shape recalling the sun symbolizing joy, happiness and eternity).
Inside the sun a manta symbolizes beauty and freedom.

Next to the left tiki we placed a traditional lizard (good luck and protection) whilst spear heads (the warrior, to protect the family) and a hammerhead shark motif (tenacity, sociality and protection) are close to the right tiki, with shark teeth representing adaptability and protection.

Below the enata motifs (friends close to the family) there are a fish hook on the left (prosperity, abundance) and a sea shell on the right (intimacy, love and safe shelter).

High-resolution version:
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