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Centrally on the arm of this tattoo requested by Francisco a turtle represents family, with his son in the middle and a braid representing their union.
The two tiki on the front flippers are for protection (like the all-seing eye).

Another tiki is placed above the turtle protecting the future: a sun represents joy and success with a stylized fishing boat inside, suspended between sun and waves.
The mountains shaping the sun represent stability.

The manta on the rigth is related to the future as well and it represents here triathlon (freedom): two koru stylize the wheels of a bicycle with mountains on one side (land) and waves on the other (sea), with the underlying standing stones representing the achievements he will build his freedom upon.

Spear heads are to symbolize the warrior fighting for a better future and the hammerhead shark symbolizes tenacity, strength and determination.

In the past, three enata represent three dear people who are dearly missed and who protect him (the manaia), joined to the ancestors.

Fish, fish hook and coconut leaves symbolize prosperity and the gecko on top protects his future (health).

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