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The main element of this half sleeve tattoo requested by Doug is a hammerhead shark with spear heads inside, representing tenacity, determination, the warrior.

The gecko on the back part of the armband, reaching next to the shark, represents his passion for climbing, with a moray eel next to it symbolizing an accident that pushed his life onto a radically different path.
Near the moray eel, going all the way along the body of the shark, we placed a Maori styled koru representing a new beginning; the style of the koru, as well as the stylized fern frond at its base, were chosen to symbolize New Zealand, as it´s where this change started, till raeching to the flowers of hibiscus symbolizing the "island vibe", the laid back style of the islands where no hurry, no stress is contemplated.

The sun is a symbol of joy and positivity; the birds represent Doug´s voyage towards this higher point of view and the fish are for prosperity.

On top, the sun made of coconut leaves symbolizes prosperity, status, the chief, whilst the Marquesan cross inside it is the union of the elements and the balance he found in his life.

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