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Geert requested a tattoo for his shoulder blade representing his love for his soccerteam Ajax Amsterdam and for the ocean.

We designed a hammerhead shark (strength and tenacity, sociality) and a manta ray (freedom) following each other and creating a shape similar to a koru (new beginning, life).
Between them we put a protector tiki shaped like the Ajax logo.

The tail and a fin of the shark include moray eels because they represent difficulties, whereas the hammerhead shark starts there and goes past them to symbolize overcoming them.

The shark´s body is made of the path of Kamehameha, a difficul path that leads to success in the end (the sun made of shark teeth), with spear heads going all along (the warrior, strength and courage).

Along the tail of the shark the honu shell motif represents his family following him along this path, and a lizard is included inside the manta.

The chasing birds represent help being always granted to the dear ones whilst shark teeth and octopus tentacle are for adaptability.

High-resolution version:
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