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Simmetry, balance

Federico requested this half sleeve tattoo where Polynesian elements integrate with other non traditional elements and symbols.

On the shoulder, two of them representing rage and hope get connected in such a way that recalls a yin yang symbol, the balance reached within ourselves and with other people, leading to the freedom symbolized by the manta on top (birds represent voyage, watching the world from a higher perspective).

The angel warrior on the right and the all seeing eye are protection symbols and so is the warrior tiki at the base of the armband, behind whom passes a hammerhead shark (the warrior, tenacity and determination) protecting the turtle on the left (family).

The centipede is another symbol of Federico´s fighting spirit when facing adversities (the path of Kamehameha) without ever loosing his positivity through hard times either (the two suns incorporated inside the tao).

Other elements are the braid (union), spear heads (the warrior), la croce marchesiana (equilibrio), montagne (stabilità), pesci (prosperità);.

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