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Family protection

Alessio requested this half sleeve tattoo centered around family, represented here by the turtle occupying the whole central part of the design, with his wife and son´s initials incorporated into the back flippers and with a manaia in the middle of its shell as their protector spirit.

Alessio himself is represented by the stylized enata that shapes the head of the turtle guiding it towards the sun (positivity and success).
The tiki inside the sun protects the freedom (the manta) he earned himself thanks to his tenacity (the hammerhead shark motif in it).

On the two sides of the turtle, other values to tend to are balance (the Marquesan cross) and health (the gecko).
Right below, on the left a row of birds symbolizes the voyage that led him to watching the world from a higher perspective while on the right there is a stylized owl.

Other elements are mountains (stability), koru (new beginning) and shark teeth (adaptability and protection).

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