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To tie, family

On the shoulder of this Polynesian styled tattoo requested by Nicola we placed a hammerhead shark surrounding a turtle (family).
The turtle is made of an enata symbolizing Nicola´s father, with a moray eel nearby for his death and a dot near the head for his importance.

The hammerhead shark surrounds it to symbolize how the family tied together to find back a balance represented by the Marquesan cross, surrounded by a sun incorporating elements representing the people who were the references along this path.

Both the two birds and the braid on the back fin show the unity that gave them strength and the help throughout the hardest times.

Spear heads are for the warrior, tenacity and determination towards serenity (the sun).

The motifs extending along the arm represent this voyage of the family (the ani ata motif on the right) that teaches watching the world from a different perspective with adaptability (shark teeth).

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