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Vagabond, traveller

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Main elements of this half sleeve tattoo are the flower of hibiscus (living every single moment of life, carpe diem, the island vibe) joined by cherry flowers, which have a very similar meaning. They´re here together to symbolize that different cultures can go together in harmony (the Marquesan cross in the center, balance and healing).

It´s all surrounded by a big wave and mountains shaping a sun because this continuous change and travelling is a source of positivity that donates harmony, balance and stability.

The turtle at the base of this tattoo represents the strong bond in the family of Julia, whom this design was made for.

The manta in front of the turtle and the frigates nearby symbolize freedom, beauty and travels while the row of seagulls represents safe return and getting to watch the world from a higher perspective.

Near the hibiscus there are kava leaves and a canoe is in front of the turtle, sailing the waves.

Spear heads are tenacity and strength to face and overcome any difficulty while tikis on the front flippers of the turtle are for protection from all sides; a lizard is placed around the Marquesan cross for good luck and to protect her balance.

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