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Whakaahu whakamua
Progress, advance

This tattoo piece requested by Adam talks mainly about facing difficulties to move forward turning them into opportunities.

The path of Kamehameha represents this difficult path faced with determination, tenacity and strength (the hammerhead shark and the row of spear heads), with adaptability (shark teeth) and with the presence of his family.
This path leads finally to the sun on the breast plate, made of coconut leaves to represent the chief, success and prosperity.

The coconut leaves (prosperity) encircling a warrior with a mere below symbolize Adam, ready to fight to defend his values (onesty, honour) and for his friends and family (the motifs on the sides of the mere: braid and ani ata).

The lizard, the manta (also symbolizing freedom) and the all-seeing eye are symbols of protection and good luck.

The turtle on the shoulder top represents family, with a tiki on the shell for protection and a fish hook on the front flipper for prosperity.

Behind the turtle a row of enata (people) represents the dear ones who belong to the past, still important (the twist between the back flippers symbolizes eternal union) and the braid below them too represents family and union.

Between the spear heads, the enata and the row of fish, on the armband, we placed a maorigram that writes AIK, with three stylized towers above it topped by a stylized half soccer ball, to symbolize his favorite team and sport.

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