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Inside this armband tattoo requested by Luca we used three stylized tiki to design three athletes for swimming, cycling and running representing triathlon.

In the background of the three tiki a hammerhead shark symbolizes strength, tenacity and determination.
The body is made of a row of spear heads (warrior, courage and strength) and of a ani ata motif (ancestors supporting him).

Below the tiki the path of Kamehameha indicates the difficulties of triathlon and represent its spirit: a hard path full of challenges that finally leads to success, in this case represented by the sun on the right shaped by mountains (stability).
It encloses elements like the marlin, symbolizing sharpness and reaching the goals set, a manta representing freedom, knowledge and elegance, a fish hook (prosperity and keeping what has been earned, status).

The row of birds above the hammerhead shark represents voyages and watching the world from a higher perspective.

Closing the tattoo in the lower side there are some elements from Hawaiian traditions, made of shark teeth, symbolizing protection and strength (the tiki too are protective symbols).

The tail of the hammerhead shark is an octopus tentacle (intelligence, tenacity and adaptability).

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