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Vertically along this tattoo requested by Mauro there are three circular shapes which recall the triple twist as meeting of cultures and the sun as a symbol of positivity, eternity and success.

The tiki at the bottom protects family from the changes faced in the past (the waves on its side).

The second sun is designed by mountains (stability) and spear heads which cross the whole design symbolizing the warrior, strength and courage.
Inside of it there is a hammerhead shark (tenacity, determination and sociality as well) enclosing an all seeing eye for protection and a fish hook for prosperity and status.

On top, the last sun is shaped by palm tree leaves (prosperity) and shark teeth (adaptability and protection) enclosing a Marquesan cross to symbolize the balance and harmony found.

Birds symbolize the voyage that leads to watching the world from a higher perspective.

Motifs reaching to the highest sun from its sides are the path of Kamehameha in the past (faced adversities) and family in the future, also represented by the turtle with the name Maria maorigrammed on the shell surrounded by a braid (union and support).
The front flipper is a manta (freedom) while the back fins are a sea shell (intimacy, love and shelter) and a tiki hand (protection).

On the left of the central sun, the lizard is symbolic for good luck.

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