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Kura huna
Deep knowledge

This manta tattoo joins two different crosses and styles: the Marquesan cross, representing balance and union of the elements, and a Christian cross that becomes the tail of the manta turning into spear heads (strength) while the dot between the two crosses (faith and nature) represents their importance.
The surrounding korus symbolize life and new beginning.

The turtle represents family and has its front flippers made of tikis (protection from every side) and the back ones made of fish hooks (prosperity and abundance).

The manta itself symbolizes freedom, beauty and knowledge and we placed a cuttlefish on the left wing (with its head being a bird: watching the world from a higher perspective) and a shark on the right wing (adaptability).

The sun surrounding the turtle is made of mountains (stability) and it symbolizes joy, eternity and positivity.

Requested by Nathan.

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