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Man of war

The general shape of this tattoo requested by Jeff is a Portuguese man-o-war, with the body being shaped by the union of a hammerhead shark (his son) and a manta (his daughter).

The hammerhead shark represents the warrior (the spear heads in its tail as well), tenacity and strength and inside its body there are a turtle for family and shark teeth for adaptability.

The manta represents freedom and elegance, beauty, with a frangipani flower representing femininity.

Korus symbolize life, a seagull represents watching the world from a higher perspective and the rays of the small sun (joy, eternity) are mountains (stability).
Below them, two birds chasing each other symbolize help to the dear ones, always granted.
The tentacles of the man-o-war are made of braids as they are symbolic for family and union.

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