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This half sleeve tattoo blends elements from Filipino traditions together with Polynesian elements to symbolize the union shared by Patrick and his wife.

The turtle in the middle does symbolize their family: the couple, their children, the braid representing their union and chasing birds for help that´s always granted to the loved ones.
Tiki shaping the front flippers give it protection from all sides.

The motifs starting below the turtle and diverging on top towards the front and back of the shoulder are traditional Filipino patterns and they symbolize the warrior who protects his home, while a blank star was added on top to represent Texas.

The path of Kamehameha and the row of spear heads crossing below the turtle symbolize a difficult path and the strength to go through it.

The all-seeing eye on the right protects the manta placed below it (freedom) and the balance found (Marquesan cross) while a sun on the left encircles some enatala and a net to symbolize the willingness to help those in need.

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