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New life

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Centrally in this tattoo requested by Michele, the koru inside the sun is a wish for a positive new start.

A manta encloses both extending on the sides symbolizing voyage, freedom and knowledge, held and protected by two tiki.
The eyes of the tiki are closed because tradition says that tiki don´t need the eyes to detect dangers as they smell them before anyone else.

Two hammerhead shark stylized motifs, indicating strength, tenacity and determination, join the manta to the tiki.

On the back of the legband a sun shaped by mountains (stability) surrounds a turtle representing family, with fish hooks for abundance, a fern frond for maturity and a braid for union.

The adult fern frond in the past and the fern bud in the future want to symbolize the end of the old life and the beginning of the new one.

Between sun and tiki on the left there are a triple twist (meeting of different cultures), friends (few but important) and spear heads (the warrior) while on the right there are birds (voyage, watching the world from a higher perspective) facing the path of Kamehameha (a difficult path); fish symbolize prosperity.

The stones below the turtle represent what has been learnt while dots around the turtle symbolize its importance.

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