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Gecko & shark

The general shape of this tattoo requested by Paul is that of a turtle (family, voyager), with its shell being shaped by a gecko (health) and hammerhead shark (tenacity, strength) placed as the pisces zodiac sign.
The eye of the gecko is an eye of tiki for protection.

Inside the shell, in the center between gecko and shark there are a triskell and a maorigrammed K.
The shark itself has a bird as a symbol of voyage and watching the world from a higher perspective, mountains for stability and shark teeth for adaptability.
Both gecko and shark have waves for change.

The front flippers have braid symbolizing family union and octopus tentacles for intelligence and adaptability.
The back flippers have fish hooks for prosperity and the Hmong symbols for cucumber seeds and peacock eyes, inspired by Xauv necklaces.

A koru inside the gecko is for new life.

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