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The two manta rays in this tattoo requested by Ed represent freedom, with a Marquesan cross for balance found.

His life deals with water and diving and that´s why most of the elements of his tattoo are water related, like the mantas, a turtle, a shark, a hammerhead shark, a dolphin and a whale.

The row of birds represents travels and it shapes a koru for new beginning. It surrounds a turtle representing his family: the symbol for the couple on the shell and the flax leaves for family are surrounded by a braid (unity) while fish represent prosperity and a stylized scuba diver shapes the right front flipper and shows his passion.
The left flipper contains waves and a tiki hand for protection while the birds in the head of the turtle are for the help that will always be granted to the dear ones.
The hibiscus flower is for his passion for the islands and for the island vibe.

Friends (the enata) are always present.

We coloured a few elements for their importance: travelling, friends, joy and positivity, achievements.

High-resolution version:
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